Tempio wall cladding - Ventilated facade system

Excellent insulation

  • Thermal insulation
  • Energy-saving
  • Eliminates water condensation
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Waterproof

Stands the test of time

  • Remains unchanged for life
  • Always the same colour
  • No maintenance costs

A renovation solution

  • Direct application
  • Debris-free process
  • Upgrades the property

Construction advantages

  • Easy on-site installation
  • The system is made up of different elements that are “dry assembled” on-site using mechanical bindings.
  • Pieces are interchangeable
  • Possible to remove an individual piece and to simply replace it with another.
  • Free of cracks
  • Protects the wall substructure, concealing any cracking caused by construction work.
  • Set in place using a hidden clasp system
  • The fastening clasps are hidden within the pieces that are created for this system. Unlike other systems, this means it is unnecessary to cut slits in the ceramic, possibly weakening the structure.
  • Hidden conduits
  • The system allows for concealing cables and gas ducts, including electricity and air conditioning conduits, between the wall and the ceramic finish. In addition, this makes for easy repairs without having to drill into the wall; simply remove the individual pieces from the desired area, and then replace them once the work is completed.



Tempio reuses all debris and leftover pieces from previous projects, thereby avoiding creating any waste.

Clean water

The manufacturing system consists of a closed process that recycles water, preventing a discharge of wastewater.


The clay used reduces Co2 emissions.

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Opt for Tempio cladding for the exterior insulation of your home or business premises.

Choose Tempio facade cladding

The Tempio brand has established itself as a leader in manufacturing ventilated facade systems. DCC specializes in selling these internationally recognized products to clients throughout Canada. With a wide selection of ceramic facades to choose from, there is certainly something to fit any project requirements. Furthermore, DCC only sources high-quality material for soundproofing and thermal insulation. Regardless of the project, the team at DCC is available to guide clients through the material selection process, finding the best solutions to meet any needs and budget.

Products that are suitable for any kind of finish

Tempio cladding is renown for its high quality design options. In fact, if you are looking for an exterior finish in porcelain, you may be overwhelmed with the available choices! Tempio insulation panels not only come in various designs, but also in various finishes. Depending on your project, our experts can recommend different anchoring techniques for the panels you choose. Another benefit of Tempio cladding? Our products are known worldwide for their reliability and strength.


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