Installing dry flooring boards

For more information about technical specifications, installation and authorized weight allowances for FERMACELL dry flooring elements, please consult the « Installation Guide » brochure.

  • Ready-made pieces
  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to install
  • Can use immediately at prepared work sites

FERMACELL flooring boards are easy to install, side by side, one after the other. The only precautionary measure to be taken: be sure the existing sub-floor is clean, dry and structurally sound.

The flooring boards are assembled using glue, followed by a process that uses screws or staples to apply pressure as the boards are set into place. The two-step process guarantees perfect adhesion. This type of interlocking system is not only simple to install, but can also support a heavy weight load, even at the joints and seams between boards.

Steps for a secure Installation

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Lay a strip (foam or mineral wool) all along the foot of the wall to help keep sound from permeating sideways.

Distribution des produits Fermacell

On the first row of boards, an adjustment will be necessary to guarantee uniform resistance: cut the two upper joints (big and small) from the first board, then the big joint from the subsequent boards.

Distribution des produits Fermacell

Lay the first board. Having already cut the two upper joints allows for direct application in the corners, between walls. Continue to lay the boards following the instructions in the installation guide.

Distribution des produits Fermacell

Apply two lines of FERMACELL floor glue (yields 25 to 30m2 per bottle) to each of the lower lap joints. Follow the detailed instructions on the packaging.

Distribution des produits Fermacell

Next, fasten the joints, one on top of the other, to ensure proper pressure is applied for the glue to bond. The screws can be replaced by special staples, which can be quicker to use.

Distribution des produits Fermacell

After drying, remove any excess hardened glue from the joints and seams, and level the surface using FERMACELL joint filler.


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