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FERMACELL SUB-FLOOR INSULATION products offer a wide range of choices when it comes to gypsum fibreboards.

Isolation Gypse Montréal

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Gypsum insulation products are among the most popular for modern construction. Ideal for home renovations, gypsum fibreboard products provide both thermal and acoustic insulation. DCC keeps a wide selection of these types of products in stock, especially for insulating walls and partition walls. We distribute gypsum fibreboards throughout Canada, specializing in the FERMACELL brand. We especially serve the Montreal and Quebec City areas, always guaranteeing a range of gypsum products for your construction needs.

Innovative solutions with gypsum insulation products

Custom-made insulation

Are you looking for a high-performance acoustic insulation product and also want to take care of thermal insulation at the same time? Gypsum fibreboard is without a doubt your best option. There are different ways to insulate walls using gypsum fibreboard, and we can guide you through the most appropriate process for your specific project. Furthermore, our customized service allows you to optimize your budget. Gypsum insulation solutions are affordable and guarantee both acoustic and thermal comfort. Regardless of your project, our expert team is available to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

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